Ask yourself these questions:

Do movies stream smoothly on your tablet/phone or just freeze?

 Do you drop calls in your home?   Miss calls? 

Do you have to go outside to make a call?  

Can anyone reach you on a short shopping trip to or daily commute?  

                   Are you confident you OR your kids can make a Emergency 911 cell call on their phone  anywhere in the Community?

The infrastructure for cellular coverage has not grown fast enough to meet the public digital demands. The fact is  without cell coverage growth through new locations on rooftops and towers and the upgrade of existing locations the needed additional capacity can not be met.  

A community is a ranked for quality of life and that equates to a successfully cellular connected community. Cell phone, phone, android, tablets and internet access are crucial devices for residents from 6 years old to 100 years old, everyone has a cell phone these days in and yet in-home coverage for most residents is UNACCEPTABLE. Dead spots exist on major isolated traffic routes where they are needed most for safety and commuters. 

Meanwhile other affluent communities have better coverage for High Tech Voice, Text and data connections than less populated and poorer areas.

Most communities have embraced High Tech devices and increased the capacity needs and even their children are learning and using dynamic networks with their smart phones and tablets these days. The benefit of not having data delays or dropped loads and calls, and smooth 4G and LTE video streaming is what the consumers want. ALL of the carriers need to improve YOUR service but over the years archaic Zoning requirements making it all but impossible for Carriers to help fully improve your signal. 

A smart phone uses 35 times the Bandwidth signal of just a voice call on an older analog phone type, no new antennas and thousands of new Residents and teenagers with SMART Android and iphones are all on the same OLD outlying network coverage. Do you own a tablet?    On a wireless network this uses 121 times the bandwidth signal than an older type voice call. Just ONE tablet streaming Video could  utilize the same bandwidth signal that 121 Voice users needed to make a voice call.

(Source Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association


Why settle for mediocre service when you pay the same as all other residents of  your community?

If you can relate to any of the problems above take our survey now so we can work with Carriers  to improve your service and quality of life.

Get involved, email directly your  Officials and let them know your coverage problems and ask them for their suggested solutions.

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Help us show the problem to the Carriers and the Town of Weston so your coverage can be improved and become the service you need, if you don't even have good 4G coverage you will be behind in the 5G race too, solve it NOW!